PeopleTECH in the Media


  1. Growth Business – New research reveals a lack of digital focus among the world’s biggest firms
  2. Comms Business – Top level executives lack digital focus
  3. The C-Suite – New analysis reveals a lack of digital focus among the world’s biggest firms
  4. IT Pro Portal – World’s biggest firms lack focus on digital
  5. Business Computing World – New Analysis Reveals A Lack Of Digital Leadership Among FTSE 100 Firms
  6. MyCustomer – Digital transformation must start with customers
  7. The C-Suite – How CIOs can get the most from their Salesforce investment
  8. B2B Marketing – How to: Become a customer experience leader on social media


  1. Call Centre and Customer Services Summit / eConnect – How to get the most out of social media in contact centres
  2. Digital Marketing Magazine – Despite What You Might Think, Twitter is No Good for Customer Service
  3. Call Centre Summit /eConnect – Holding memorable conversations with your customers
  4. MyCustomer – Mobile should be the cornerstone of customer experience, not an afterthought

JULY 2016

  1. Fourth Source – Why we can’t let chatbots become the next source of digital marketing spam
  2. Tech Page One – Why no organisation can afford to bury its head in the sand over digital transformation

JUNE 2016

  1. Call Centre and Customer Services Summit – Making self-service work for your call centre
  2. MyCustomer – Why insurance firms must pay more attention to the Voice of the Customer
  3. IT Pro Portal – When’s the right time to outsource elements of the customer experience?
  4. MyCustomer – Don’t overlook your people when it comes to digital transformation

MAY 2016

  1. Think Big Grow Fast – Digital transformation and the customer experience
  2. Fourth Source – The true value of social media for customer service is data, NOT resolution
  3. Customer Experience Magazine – Employee Satisfaction Is Key to Providing a Good Customer Experience
  4. Business Computing World – The classic tech question: to buy or to build
  5. The C-Suite – Why Customer Experience Must Begin in the Boardroom
  6. The Sunday Times – Nasty ‘surprises’ cost reputations dear (page 3)
  7. MyCustomer – Digital transformation requires a Chief Digital Officer
  8. MyCustomer – The rise of the chief experience officer

APRIL 2016

  1. MyCustomer – The rise of the chief experience officer
  2. Eptica Customer Experience Blog – Where are the UK’s Chief Customer Officers?
  3. Talk Retail – New analysis reveals lack of senior level customer focus in FTSE retail firms
  4. Shopping Centre – Satisfaction guaranteed (page 34)
  5. MyCustomer – Beware the rise of the chatbot
  6. Growth Business – Don’t overlook your customers on the path to growth
  7. MyCustomer – 5 things you need to know about Facebook’s chat bots and the future of service

MARCH 2016

  1. Retail Times – FTSE retail firms lack senior level customer focus, PeopleTECH audit shows
  2. Growth Business – Humans over robots: addressing UK’s customer service skills gap
  3. – Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a customer experience champion
  4. Manufacturing & Logistics IT – New analysis reveals just 1% of FTSE companies and no FTSE AIM 100 companies have a chief customer officer on the board
  5. Engage Customer – Chief Customer Officers on the board rarer than rocking horse wotsit
  6. Business Reporter – Few FTSE companies have chief customer officer, says research
  7. Business Computing World – New Analysis Reveals Lack Of Senior Level Customer Focus On FTSE Firms’ Boards
  8. MyCustomer – Customer experience should be a board level conversation
  9. MyCustomer – Is your customer experience as good as you think?

February 2016

  1. Compare the Cloud – The rise and rise of customer experience management
  2. IT Pro Portal – 3 golden rules of successful project management

January 2016

  1. Real Business – Five ways to engage millennials in the workplace
  2. – Want to be known for a good customer experience? Offer a single digital channel


  1. – Millennials: How to engage the next generation of service staff
  2. Customer Experience Magazine – Travelling through Mobile Customer Experience
  3. Talk Business – Hot topics (page 129)
  4. Customer Experience Magazine – Five must-have technology innovations to deliver a first-class customer experience
  5. – Are fashion retailers delivering on their omnichannel vision?
  6. Business Computing World – Mobile CX: Richer, Deeper And More Personal
  7. Real Business – Program management is just as useful for small businesses as it is for corporates
  8. – Customer journey mapping still has its place, but organisations must be structured to support a total customer-focus
  9. Fresh Business Thinking – Why Tech Firms are Wary of Supplying Start-Ups…and What you Can do to Address it
  10. Digital Marketing Magazine – Digital Customer Experience Works Best as Part of an Integrated Approach
  11. – Why sourcing could be the perfect option for high-growth firms
  12. Utility Week – Thinking outside the box and going offshore
  13. Business Computing World – Three ways to put mobile at the heart of the customer experience
  14. – Just what is an omnichannel customer experience?
  15. – Five tell-tale signs that you aren’t providing a good customer experience
  16. Bdaily – New procurement service for high-growth firms launches
  17. – New procurement service helps high-growth firms deliver their customer management vision
  18. Business Computing World – PeopleTECH launches new contact centre evaluation service
  19. Retail Times – PeopleTECH launches new service to evaluate contact centre effectiveness
  20. MyCustomer – PeopleTECH launches new DARE service to evaluate contact centre effectiveness
  21. – PeopleTECH Launches Contact Centre Evaluation Service
  22. Contact Centres – PeopleTECH launches service to evaluate contact centre effectiveness
  23. Customer Experience Report – Coping With Surges In Contact Center Staffing Requirements
  24. Growth Business – Why high-growth companies struggle with customer experience